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John Dunford

John Dunford is part of the Greenpeace NZ digital team in Auckland.

  • The Governments oil salesman Simon Bridges just can’t catch a break these days. Whether it’s having to admit that he’d never even heard of NZ’s largest forest park (Victoria FP) which he’d just opened up to drillers or getting stick for allowing oil exploration in the home of the last 55 Maui’s dolphins on earth, it seems like everyone’s on his back.

    Now it’s all happening again for poor Simon as he has to defend the Government spending the very “modest” sum of $240,000 of taxpayers' money on wining and dining 11 oil executives for four days in 2011 - on top of the nearly $50 million a year in subsidies and tax breaks for the oil industry.

    The government is clearly fully supportive of pulling out all the stops in the bid to impress here, even though the bill for food and drinks alone came...

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  • The chicken or the egg? John or George? Could Jurassic Park actually, really happen?! Certain classic debates are enormously divisive.

    Thankfully though we can now put one that has long plagued humanity to bed as we bring you the definitive list of the top '8 Fictional Sea Creatures Who Have Flirted with Disaster'. Here we go...

    8. Willy

    Imprisoned for a crime he didn't committ, this orca was the subject of an assassination attempt before he was busted out of sea prison by a small child, all set to a theme tune by Michael Jackson - and it was a smash hit. Things were different in the 90s...