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Nick Young

Nick has worked with Greenpeace for more than 10 years and is now Head of Digital at Greenpeace NZ.

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  • Too precious to risk

    Blogpost by Nick Young - February 2, 2013 at 21:11

    Rare native NZ sea lions on the beach at Sandy Bay, Enderby Island with the Rainbow Warrior at anchor in the background. (C) GREENPEACE / HANSFORD

    We’ve been at anchor in Port Ross at the northern end of Auckland Island for two days now. For most of that time our documentary team has been off the ship walking the islands or puttering around the coast in a small inflatable boat. They’ve been to Enderby Island, Rose Island and the main Auckland Island.

    The rest of us have been mostly ship-bound but we did get the opportunity to go to the old Hardwicke Settlement briefly yesterday, and today walked the track from Sandy Bay up to the lookout and back. It was A M A Z I N G – a word that is suffering some serious over-use here at the moment. This is among the wildest places on Earth. Some of the islands are close to pristine as you can get and being here feels a little like we’ve stepped into Jurassic Park.

    A native NZ sea lion leaping out of the water in Sandy Bay, Auckland Island (C) GREENPEACE / HANSFORD

    It’s the middle of summer -... Read more >

  • Destination Auckland Islands

    Blogpost by Nick Young - January 31, 2013 at 10:35

    Rockhopper penguin, Auckland Islands (C) Andy Maloney

    Today we passed to the east of Stewart Island and continued sailing south towards an area of sea known to be amongst the wildest on the planet. So far it’s been relatively calm, which is a relief, but also, if dare I say so, slightly disappointing. I’ve heard tales of 10 metre swells and part of me wants to feel what that’s like!

    When we think of New Zealand we mainly think of the two or three biggest islands but there is more to New Zealand than meets the eye. If you look at this region on a map you can see a line of small islands running in a long curve starting 600 kms south of Stewart Island, starting with Campbell Island running through the Auckland Islands and up to the Chatham Islands. This line of islands is in fact the peaks of the highest mountains of the sunken continent known... Read more >

  • The Rainbow Warrior in Lyttelton dry dock

    In a moment we’ll be off again. The Rainbow Warrior is all ship shape, squeaky clean and ready to go south. And we really are heading South - next stop – the sub-Antarctic Auckland Islands.

    The Warrior has been in a Lyttelton dry-dock for several days having the hull cleaned in preparation.  It’s a uniquely pristine and ecologically sensitive place down there and, wisely there are some good regulations to keep it that way. One of those is that boats must pass a hull inspection before being allowed to visit - and that’s why we’re having ours cleaned now. This is a little ironic given that the Government has opened huge areas just north of there for deep sea oil exploration, but we'll get to that in coming days.

    It’s amazing what can grow on a ship’s hull when it’s in sea water 24/7 trave... Read more >

  • Crowdfunding a TV ad

    Blogpost by Nick Young - January 25, 2013 at 8:49

    Click to Play

    We’ve been showing this new video to supporters on board the Rainbow Warrior. It’s a reflection on what we’ve achieved with help from people like you. It’s a tribute to you and all of our supporters, and it’s a call to action.

    The response to the video has been amazing. I’ve seen tears well up, I’ve seen standing ovations, and I’ve seen pride and a renewed desire to make a difference. People have felt inspired because it speaks to what we can achieve when we act together.

    And now, more than ever, is the time when we need action. That’s why we're asking for your help to make sure this video is seen by a lot more people.

    We need to inspire action because in their haste to drill, mine and sell NZ for short term gain, our Government is taking New Zealand in the wrong direction. It’s a direct...
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  • The new Rainbow Warrior

    Hello and Happy New Year!

    The Rainbow Warrior is now in New Zealand waters. She’ll be sailing into Matauri Bay to visit the final resting place of the first Rainbow Warrior before heading down to Auckland for the first public open days this weekend on the 12th and 13th Jan. She’ll then head south for more public open days in Bluff, Stewart Island, Dunedin and Wellington.

    There’s a special connection between the Rainbow Warrior and New Zealand. It's the first time the new Rainbow Warrior has visited New Zealand - but it feels like a homecoming.

    People here have a unique relationship with the Warrior - it's a part of the New Zealand story just as much as New Zealand is a part of her story.

    When the first Rainbow Warrior was bombed in Auckland, New Zealanders rallied in support and contr... Read more >

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