The Rainbow Warrior surrounded by dolphinsAs we sailed out of Wellington through the Cook Strait on the Rainbow Warrior a few days ago, all of a sudden we were met by hundreds of dolphins. And they kept arriving until we were completely surrounded.

I was totally blown away and even the most experienced seafarers among us were amazed.

And it felt significant because at the time we were very close to the Pegasus Basin where Texan oil company Anadarko wants to carry out high risk deep sea oil drilling.

We had just been to the Auckland Islands to draw people’s attention to what is at stake if we allow deep sea oil drilling to proceed and that was a profound experience. But it felt almost as if this enormous pod of dolphins had then arrived to remind us that in fact all around NZ we have an astonishingly rich ecology that is too precious to risk.

So, on the bridge of the Rainbow Warrior we made a pledge to resist, with every peaceful means available to us, the threat of deep sea oil.

And then we called Anadarko in Texas to tell them exactly that.

Here’s a video of our message to Andarko and you can take action now by sending your own message to Anadarko.

Together we can Stop Deep Sea Oil.