Last night, as our determined activists tried to get some rest in their makeshift tent atop the Noble Discoverer’s 53 metre drill tower, the rest of the Greenpeace world, inspired by their action, kicked in with some action of their own...

Greenpeace activists across Europe took the #SaveTheArctic message direct to Shell’s place of business.

Activists visited Shell headquarters in Norway, Denmark and Hamburg, their petrol stations in Denmark and Sweden and the Finns took the message onto the streets of Helsinki.

This followed on from Greenpeace UK climbers hanging a banner off London’s famous National Gallery highlighting Shell’s Arctic drilling plans, just as Shell execs schmoozed their guests at a private reception inside.  

We’ve asked people everywhere to email the top brass at Shell to get them to can the oil giant’s plans to open up the Arctic to oil drilling.

And what a response!

After the first 25,000 messages the CEO’s email box was full so we switched to another Shell director and the emails kept pouring in. Then at around 75,000 messages his email started bouncing too so we switched to a third target – Pete Slaiby - vice president of Shell Alaska.

In the first 24 hours almost 90,000 people emailed Shell and we’re still counting.

Shell’s crazy Arctic drilling plans have clearly touched a nerve – this is the start of a groundswell that won’t easily be stopped.

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