Al GoreFollowing the success of his presentation / move 'An Inconvenient Truth' Al Gore has released another similar video presentation.

In order to become optimistic (about climate change) we need to become incredibly active citizens in our democracy. In order to solve the climate crisis we need to solve the democracy crisis.
In this new presentation he presents evidence that the pace of climate change may be even worse than scientists were recently predicting, and challenges us to act with a sense of “generational mission” — the kind of feeling that brought forth the civil rights movement — to set it right.

Sea Ice 1980 Sea Ice 2007

The presentation is then followed by a brief Q&A in which he is asked for his verdict on the current political candidates climate policies and on what role he himself might play in future.

He also shows a great little TV ad spot that you can watch here.

Worth a watch.

There's more graphs and stats but this time he really puts it to the viewer that we need to act more than he did in the movie. I've recorded a short clip here: