Back in December 2011 at the Helsinki local group volunteer meeting we thought about ways of activating ourselves. It's always fun to make videos, we thought. But instead of making just one video, we decided to challenge the entire Nordic volunteer network into a competition. A set of rules and guidelines was established and the competition was announced. The announcement was met with rejoicing and excitiment and very soon several local groups were busy with their videos. After many hours of planning, screenwriting, preparing, shooting and editing, we are happy to present you the competing videos:

#SaveTheArctic by Oslo, Norway.

Stop the Arctic oil race by Helsinki, Finland.

Oil addiction by Norrköping, Sweden.

The Arctic - oil companies playground by Gothenburg, Sweden

The video with most views in YouTube wins. The competition concludes in the beginning of April. Please watch and share!


Jaakko is a Greenpeace volunteer.