Greenpeace NZ political advisor Geoff Keey reports on the latest round of climate talks.

Here I am, just over six months after Copenhagen, back at the United Nations climate change negotiations in Bonn.  I'm staying in a small hotel in the Bonn suburb of Bad Godesberg and after three negotiating sessions in Bonn last year, it all seems a bit familiar.

Geoff Keey

This is the first major round of negotiations after Copenhagen and it'll be a chance to see whether the informal meetings of politicians and officials have made a difference.

For New Zealand two issues are likely to stand out: whether current climate change Ambassador Adrian Macey gets appointed to the chair of the Kyoto Protocol negotiations; and, whether the Government looks likely to secure the loopholes it wants in the negotiations, particularly on forests.

After I've slept off the jetlag, I'll explain some more.