Cats rule the internet. They play the piano, wear bread around their faces, are frightened by cucumbers, and are generally just ridiculously cute.    

A few weeks ago, Greenpeace teamed up with some of the biggest names in the internet cat business, the likes of Lil Bub, Princess Monster Truck, and Hamilton the Hipster Cat, to launch the ‘Cats vs Bad Tuna’ campaign against Whiskas and its owner MARS (maker of the famous chocolate bar and also the world’s largest manufacturer of pet food!)

By ‘bad tuna’ we mean tuna (and other seafood) that comes from boats fishing for the notorious seafood giant ‘Thai Union’ that have been linked to slave labour and are using destructive fishing methods, like purse seining with fish aggregating devices (or FADs) or longlining.

We know MARS buys Thai Union seafood for some of its cat food brands (like Iams) but until now, the company had refused to answer our requests for information about where Whiskas ingredients come from and whether they’re free of human rights and environmental abuse.

But thanks to the weird and wonderful internet CAT-ivists, and the thousands of people who sent emails demanding MARS come clean about whether there’s #badtuna in Whiskas products, the company has been forced to respond! 

MARS have now confirmed their connection to Thai Union. They said that the recent allegations about Whiskas are…. “very worrying and raise our concerns”. Tweets from @whiskas_uk also showed the brand could not clear its name.

In fact, MARS confessed to Greenpeace that they ‘did not have all the answers needed at this point in time’, which suggests MARS doesn’t actually know where its seafood comes from. Perhaps this explains why it still hasn’t actually answered this very simple yes or no question:  Does Thai Union supply seafood for Whiskas?

It's clear the pet food giant is feeling the pressure.  MARS is unable to deny that there is human suffering and environmental abuse in Whiskas, which means they have some CAT-astrophic problems to fix.

It’s also clear that people power + famous internet cats work! 

You can help keep MARS under pressure to develop and implement a comprehensive, time-bound plan that ensures they no longer buy seafood that has been tainted with human exploitation or environmental crimes. 

We’ve made this spoof of a Whiskas TV ad to drive home the point that bad tuna makes us sick - please watch (though I have to warn you, it’s a bit gross) and share it widely! Don’t forget to tag @MarsGlobal and your local Whiskas page in your post to get their attention!

And if you havn’t already, send the email to MARS demanding they commit to protecting oceans and workers: 

And you can empower your cat to become a CATivist at