The Climate Challenge welcomes two new schools this month with Auckland Girls Grammar and Rangi Ruru Intermediate in Christhurch joining the challenge. There are some wonderful examples of kids getting involved and it's great to see people sponsoring them but we need more! This kind of dedication needs support and recognition.

We also need more schools on board. I understand that teachers and students alike have very busy schedules, with many topics to cover and extra curriculum activities/sports etc, but a shift in consciousness is still necessary, and its important to highlight it and promote it where it is happening.

That's why I like the Climate Challenge project. The kids I meet are tomorrow's MP's, business leaders, farmers, councilors etc, an understanding of our planet's limitations and solutions to how we can live sustainably needs to become second nature to the way we live, the way we do business, the way we grow food and produce materials and the way we raise our children. Lets never forget that those shiny eyed youngsters actually depend on us making necessary climate legislation a reality, because if we don't they will be living in a much more hostile environment with huge economic and ecological pressures.

I am certain that we have the capability to avert the worst of the consequences of climate change, these teachers and pupils i am meeting definitely help help me realise that. Here are some positive comments from Gulf Harbour school-

Teachers thoughts: I am so stoked that my class took this Climate Challenge and ran with it! It was the perfect follow up for all the learning we had done in class on environmentalists and environmental issues.  With the passion we developed for the environment through our learning, I believe the Climate Challenge was a really powerful and authentic way to take action against climate change. It was easy to set up and get going, the enthusiasm was strong throughout and the class are now planning Gulf Harbour School Going Green - a week long event full of green activities and education for the rest of the kids here at Gulf Harbour School! I couldn't have imagined this is where our learning would've taken us -The Climate Challenge really inspired us to do bigger things - our key learning being that its just so easy to help! Thanks heaps Greenpeace for this great opportunity! Jessica Mills Gulf Harbour School

Here's what the kids had to say...

Hey Greenpeace Just wanting to say I really like the Climate Challenge I thought it was so great. I learnt to save a lot of power.  It is a really cool way to save the planet. This has been such a great opportunity for our school. Finding sponsors was the fun bit because everyone on my street wanted to donate, they were so supportive. This Climate Challenge has been a great way to help stop Global Warming . I raised  $51 dollars  and for my points I got 840 points! Cool aye! - Yours Sincerely Tiria Graver

Hey Greenpeace I Think the Climate Challenge was a great opportunity for my school & I to raise money and I think it's so great what you're doing to stop Global Warming. I really liked the challenges but I couldn't do all of them because I live in Orewa and I go to school in Gulf Harbour but I take the bus that's ok. I raised $77.30c and have 895 points I hope our classes money helps you and your crew do what's best for the environment. Yours Sincerely Casey Powell (Gulf Harbour School)

Hey Greenpeace I think that the Greenpeace climate challenge is a fun & exiting way to learn about Global Warming & green activities. I like the stuff that you guys do, saving the whales, and so on.I think more people should do the climate challenge because they can learn about what they could do to save the environment & save electricity etc. You should definitely keep doing what you do. From Joshua Malmo
Theres inspiration for ya!!