Late this afternoon I overheard a rumour.

Apparently the Alliance of Small Island States had a proposal for some work looking at how to achieve the 1.5 degree target that they are promoting. It's the target that science shows gives vulnerable countries the best chance of surviving climate change.  Even 2 degrees will be too much global warming for some. The Alliance of Small Island States includes New Zealand's Pacific neighbours like Tuvalu and the Cook Islands.

The rumour was that, not only did New Zealand oppose this work being done, but that it was backed by none other than Saudi Arabia, a regular villain in these talks. If I can confirm the rumour I'll let you know.

Then later I heard that New Zealand Ambassador Adrian Macey may have a better chance of becoming the chair of the Kyoto Protocol negotiations than it seemed yesterday.

It appears some developing countries have worked out that blocking Adrian Macey’s nomination may cause unexpected problems.  There are two main chairs in these negotiations: one for the Kyoto Protocol and one on Long Term Cooperative Action.  If there are two developing country chairs in the negotiations this year then, because of the way things work here, it may mean two developed country chairs next year.  Distrust of the New Zealand Government, amongst some developed countries, may be overcome by anxiety that blocking Adrian Macey’s nomination could handover considerable control of the negotiation process to the world's largest per capita emitters – the developed world.

Geoff Keey, currently in Bonn.