Fourth day here on the Shell drillship and a gorgeous sunrise after a night of being shelled by sound bombs over the loud speaker... beautiful Texan accents, white noise, feedback sounds at intermitent intervals... made us howl with laughter waking ourselves up again. Ninja Mike got out of his hammock, took our chintzy wireless radio and held it up to the drilling tower's intercom system. After a good blast of La Cucaracha blaring from every speaker on the entire ship, we were allowed to sleep in peace...

...until 6am this morning, when we were notified that the ship was going to be turned 180 degrees to refuel. Good of them to give us half an hour´s notice and to advise us to secure ourselves and our belongings.

We’ve heard there is lots of discussion throughout town about what a rust-bucket this ship is. Clearly Shell is sending the pride of their fleet to drill and spill in one of the most remote and fragile ecosystems on Earth. That shows you what their priorities are! The Noble Discoverer´s plan to drill in such an inhospitable environment is another Deepwater Horizon waiting to happen.

This is now one of the longest direct actions in Greenpeace New Zealand´s history. We never expected that we would be here for this long, but still we came prepared and have been stretching out our supplies of muesli bars and water.

We received an amazing message of support from the Parihaka community this morning and we are here in solidarity with them and with every human being who wants a clean, safe and renewable energy future for our children and our grandchildren.

The battery on our notebook is now critically low so we will have to sign off now. We are all thrilled and humbled by the support that we are receiving from around the world.

Someone once said "Never doubt that a small, determined group of people can change the world, indeed its the only thing that ever has"... but although our group of 7 was small when we came up this drill tower, 130,000 people will come down with us when it's over and that's even more powerful.

Kia Kaha,

Viv, Lucy, Ra, Mike, Shayne and Shai