[Originally posted by Andrew up at Greenpeace International. ]

Exxon secrets mapYou know that saying, "denial ain't just a river in Egypt"? Well, there's a bunch of guys meeting in New York right now who make a living out of it. Denying climate change that is. From NY Times reporter Andrew Revkin's notebook:

Several hundred people sat in a fifth-floor ballroom at the Marriott Marquis Hotel in Times Square on Monday eating pasta and trying hard to prove that they had unraveled the established science showing that humans are warming the world in potentially disruptive ways.One challenge they faced was that even within their own ranks, the group — among them government and university scientists, antiregulatory campaigners and Congressional staff members — displayed a dizzying range of ideas on what was, or was not, influencing climate.
Our own Kert Davies is there, roaming the corridors and blogging about it on ExxonSecrets - being, in his words, "the skunk at the garden party". From Kert's blog:
We've done an ExxonSecrets deluxe map of those we know about. We have all the cosponsors on the left side, the 50 some odd speakers down the middle and the other organizations they are linked to down the right.We have data linking some $7.5 Million in Exxon funding (98-06) to many of the prominent cosponsors along with the Heartland Institute.

If you like that map try making your own.