Next in our series, we turn to the king (and queen) of the jungle - the tiger. Here are 10 incredible tiger facts from forests campaigner Richard George:

10. Tigers have better short-term memories than humans

Tigers’ have one of the best memories of any animal, including humans. Their memories are made with stronger brain synapses which means that their short-term memory lasts approximately 30 seconds longer than ours does.

9. Tigers are great impressionists

In some parts of the world, tigers feed on bears because of overlapping territories. In order to lure the bears in, tigers are known to imitate the sounds of their prey.

8. A tiger’s back legs are so strong that it can remain standing even when dead

Highly unpleasant but very impressive fact alert: tigers’ back legs are so strong that they’ve been known to remain standing once they’ve been killed.

7. A tiger’s stripes are completely unique

No two tigers have the same stripes. Like human fingerprints, a tiger’s stripes are completely unique. But one thing most tigers do have in common is that the markings on their foreheads are the same as the chinese character for ‘king'.

6. Tigers have excellent manners

Lions often fight over a kill (sometimes to the death) but when a tiger bumps into another tiger during a hunt, they’ve been known to share the catch together. Male tigers also often wait for females and cubs to feed first before they sit down to dinner.

5. Tigers can only purr when they breathe out

Like their domestic cousins, tigers can purr. But unlike house cats, tigers can’t purr when they breathe in, only when they breathe out.

4. Tiger urine smells like buttered popcorn

There’s an interesting fact for you - use it wisely.

3. Tigers are less likely to kill you if you look them in the eye

Tigers like to hunt by ambush. By looking a tiger in the eye, you’re showing it that you know it’s there. This, “they say”, makes it less likely that a tiger will attack you. But it’s not a theory I’m desperate to try out myself.

2. A tiger’s roar could paralyze you

A tiger has one hell of a roar. For one thing, it’s very (very) loud - a tiger’s roar can be heard from two miles away. But tigers have another secret weapon. They can produce low pitched infrasound growls that are so deep that humans can’t hear them - though they sure can feel them. It’s this killer combination of a ear-splitting roar and a penetrating growl that causes momentary paralysis in humans.

1. Tigers have the brightest eyes of any animal

The eye of the tiger is backlit by a membrane that reflects light through the retina. Thanks to this, tigers have the brightest - and, in my opinion, the most beautiful - eyes in nature.

These creatures are majestic.

But the world’s tiger population is under real threat. Their forest habitat is being trashed by palm oil companies greedy for quick profits.

So we’re building a movement to fight back. Will you help us?

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