gifts to save the world

The silly season is upon us - it's just one month until Christmas! If you're looking for interesting presents that are environmentally friendly too - we may be able to help.  let me introduce the brand new Greenpeace Giving online shop.

WGreenpeace Giving Websitee've got a whole range of fun and funky virtual gifts. Each gift you buy is delivered with your choice of an interactive e-card and makes a real contribution to the work Greenpeace does protecting our fragile planet.

So this Christmas, why not tell someone you care by protecting the home of the Emperor Penguin on their behalf; buy some handcuffs for a Greenpeace activist; nominate a friend as an armchair activist, or give the gift of GE free Christmas cake.

If you believe that it's the thought that counts and you don't want to support the frenzied consumerism that Christmas can lead to, this is the shop for you. All our gifts are virtual. All the recipient gets is a beautiful animated e-card and a good warm fuzzy feeling. When you chose a gift from Greenpeace Giving, you help fund our creative, non-violent actions and keep us campaigning for a green and peaceful future.  It's a win win.

How do you 'give' a gift? It's as easy as 1, 2, 3...

  1. Select a gift.
  2. Choose your e-card and schedule delivery.
  3. Go to the check-out. Your gift will be on its way in no time.
All gifts are tax deductible so go on, get shopping.