On Saturday one of the vessels in the deep sea oil protest flotilla was boarded by police and the skipper - Elvis Teddy - arrested.

Aboard the San Pietro, Elvis and his crew including te Whanau a Apanui tribal leader Rikirangi Gage were stationary and fishing - in their customary fishing grounds - as they have done for generations.  Yet the police, with navy support, chose to ignore their right to defend their waters and fish, and instead acted on behalf of the foreign oil interests.

Elvis will appear in court at 8.30am Friday 28 April in Tauranga.  The other flotilla boats have entered Tauranga harbour to support their fellow skipper for his appearance in court.  We are inviting everyone in the Bay of Plenty and elsewhere to stand beside Elvis Teddy and show appreciation of his bravery in defence of our treasured oceans from the dangers of deep sea oil drilling.

If you can make it to Tauranga please join us, bring a placard and bring a friend for a peaceful gathering at 12 noon, Herries Park, Central Tauranga.

If you can't make it, leave a message of support here

The flotilla will also take on provisions before returning to the deep waters of the Raukumara Basin to continue protesting deep sea oil exploration and drilling.

No Deep Sea Oil - Clean Energy Now!