With the Climate Change Response Amendment Bill currently before select committee the Government is proposing changes that will gut our Emissions Trading Scheme in favour of big polluters.

They have invited public submissions, but allowed only an extraordinarily short time in which to have your say. You have until next Monday 10 September to take action on this very important issue.

The proposed changes heavily favour big polluters, undermine environmental protection and will damage the clean, green reputation that’s so vital to NZ’s economy.

The bill is a deliberate attempt to destroy the price of carbon and sideline New Zealand’s clean energy sector in favour of the Government’s 19th century dirty energy agenda.

At a time when urgent action is needed on climate, this sends a very bad signal to the world that New Zealand is not serious about being part of the solution to climate change.

The record low Arctic sea ice recorded only days ago should be a reality check that urgent action on climate is required.

We must phase out the dirty old fuels that pollute land, water and air, and phase in the new, clean and safe energy production that can create thousands of jobs and lasting economic prosperity for New Zealand.

Greenpeace strongly opposes the bill - and ask our supporters to stand with us.

Submissions must be made via the Govt website we have put together some bullet points to make it as easy for you as possible. It should only take a few minutes and it’s very important that we don’t let this pass.

Click here to have your say now.