If you’ve got loads of burning questions and want to know more then come along to the briefing on Wednesday, September 13th at Halo, 66B Wharenui Road.  Make sure you’re registered to get updates.

How long do I have to stay?

We’re asking people to join us for the whole day on Thursday, Sept. the 14th and you’ll need to be prepared to meet us in Chch at 7:45am in the morning in Chch. If you can only come for part of the day we’d still love to have you come along.

What am I actually going to have to do?

There will be lots of different ways people can participate and you don’t need to come with specific or specialist skills to be involved. If you can make it along to the briefing on September 13th in Chch we can talk to you more about the plans. Make sure you’re registered - we’ll email you the information.

Is there a meet up beforehand where I can find out more?

We’ll be holding two public briefing sessions beforehand for those that want to find out more and participate in some Non Violence Training/ Principles. Both will be held in central Chch, one on the afternoon of Sept. 3rd and the other on the evening of Sept. 13th. We strongly encourage you to make it to one of these if you can. If not, there will be a quick briefing when we gather on Thursday morning. Make sure you’re registered to receive details of these briefings and we’ll be in touch shortly.

Where should I meet you? Where will we be going?

The meeting point will be in Christchurch at 7.45am on Thursday, 14th. We will be meeting on the corner of Colombo Street and Lichfield Road outside the Bus exchange. We also encourage you to come to the briefing on Sept. 13th in Chch. If you are coming out of town or can’t make it to these briefings then we will also have a short briefing starting at 7:45am just before we leave on Thursday the 14th.

What should I bring?

Bring lunch, snacks and your own water, and maybe something to sit on – we plan to be there a while! Additionally, please bring any personal medication that you need to take regularly with you. Bring warm clothes and water proof clothing as well. We will have some snacks available.

Where are we going?

We will let you know once we meet you in the morning!

If we’re going on a bus - How will I get back to my car when I want to leave?

We will get you to and from the location. But please make sure you don’t have any commitments on the Thursday. We’d prefer it if you came with us as there will be limited parking but if you really need your car then park it nearby to the bus interchange on Thursday morning.

Will I be arrested?

While arrests are certainly not the objective of this activity, we can’t predict how the authorities will respond to our peaceful non-violent demonstration. Some roles may carry risk of arrest, but there will also be ways you can participate without any risk of arrest, it depends entirely on what you are comfortable with. Come along to the briefing to find out more.

Can I come if I have limited mobility?

Yes. There will be options for those with limited ability, including wheelchairs.

Can I bring my kids? / What if I am under 18?

You can bring your kids. Anyone under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a legal guardian.

What shouldn’t I bring?

The event is strictly drug and alcohol free so please do not bring either with you. We won’t take responsibility for anyone’s personal belongings. Also don’t bring anything you really couldn’t do without, if you are planning to take a riskier role, if you were arrested it could be confiscated for a period of time. Additionally please leave your pets at home.