• Guess who Shell thinks is a major 'challenge' to their Arctic plans? You.

    Blogpost by James Turner - November 7, 2012 at 8:16 Add comment

    We found more proof that Shell is getting seriously worried about our new movement to save the Arctic. Last month in Brussels Shell’s senior Arctic advisor, Robert Blaauw, presented the company’s plans at a conference called "Arctic futures". Firstly he mentioned how exhausting it was to have "reception committees wherever Shell appeared in public". That means you, taking action all over the world.

    Second, and maybe even more interesting, was the slide below. This slide is about the main challenges that Shell faces in drilling for oil in the melting Arctic:

    arctic futures shell slide

    Down there at the bottom you can see our Save the Arctic page (alongside a defiant looking snowy owl) as one of the main things standing in the way of Shell’s reckless Arctic adventure. With over two million people behind us, our movement is now a major voice in the Arctic debate.

    Your support is helping us have an impact against this giant oil company. They may have all the money in the world but we have passionate people on our side who want to protect the Arctic for the people and animals who live there. Shell knows that we’re a real threat to their chances of drilling for oil, and that’s why the company’s lawyers are doing anything they can to silence us.

    Small things like this tell us that our movement is getting noticed. Next year we want Mr. Blaauw to mention us again, but this time as the reason Shell decided to leave the Arctic alone, for good.