Welcome to the shiny and new Greenpeace NZ weblog!

We've talked about this for far too long now so without further ado here it is!

A forum in which Greenpeace staff can speak their minds, issue challenges, offer insights and go off on wildly unrelated tangents. And a place where you dear reader can also offer your thoughts on such matters. Most pages will sport a comment form near the bottom of the page for you to do so and we'd love to hear from you!

So with all that in mind, the following disclaimer applies...

Let it be known that the opinions expressed on this website (weblog / blog) are the entirely personal opinions of various members of Greenpeace who should probably be busy working on some highly important and time consuming project but instead choose to make their opinions known to the rest of the world in the naïve belief anybody else wants to know, and those from outside Greenpeace foolhardy enough to venture into the debate. The opinions have nothing at all, absolutely, whatsoever, for all time and in any way, shape or form at all, anything to do with Greenpeace, probably never will do, definitely never ought to, and should not be construed to be so. In fact, we wash our hands of it all, completely.