That was one of the more frequent chants belted out at Saturday's hikoi opposing the sale of NZ assets. I was one of the many thousand New Zealanders that marched up Queen Street and added my voice of dissent to the proposed sale of our state owned energy companies.

Their were many many different groups and individuals on the march. And although the overriding call was to stop asset sales there were many other reasons to protest. Amongst them groups opposing deep sea oil drilling, mining in Northland, fracking, New Zealand joining the TPPA (which would see more power held by corporates and less by New Zealanders).

There were lots of Greenpeace staff, volunteers and supporters out in force too. Greenpeace added their support for the Hikoi because we believe selling off our state owned energy companies will be bad for the enviornment and stymie much needed investment and growth in our clean technology sector.

New Zealand has a wealth of renewable energy and we believe keeping this wealth in Kiwi hands and further investing and developing this sector will be beneficial to our economy and to our people.

In my opinion what's happening now is a reminder of what happened in the 80's and 90's with the 'think big' era and the 'Rogernomics' debacle. Most New Zealanders will remember how much the selling of our assets offshore (i.e. Telecom, New Zealand rail) hurt us.

And now, in my view,  John Key is pushing through a similar sell-off and strip down of our country's assets.

We need the NZ Government to invest and retain what assets this country has left rather than selling them off to the highest bidder in order to make a quick buck. This is not thinking about economic growth in the long-term. This is not showing leadership and an understanding of how to capatalise on our green assets.

Today's march is just the beginning of what I see as a crucial battle to retain what is left of our natural assets. It's also a crucial beginning in terms of New Zealanders standing up and giving voice to the future that they want.

One built on respecting the people, our land and our assets.