Final Update  -5am CET: Their final moment was a picture of determination and they're down - but not out. For five days and nights the crew of the Greenpeace ship Arctic Sunrise confronted the Russian oil giant Gazprom in a bid to prvent its reckless plunder of Arctic oil. During their peaceful protest they withstood blasts of freezing water from high powered water cannons, spent whole nights in the open and were were dumped bodily into the icy seas. Finally however, despite their determination,  they were forced to retreat when their last boat was pulled vertically out of the water spilling the crew into the frigid waters below.
Everyone is now safely back aboard the Greenpeace ship. Everyone has limits and these people have now reached theirs.

However, this is not the end, it cannot be the end. The struggle for the Arctic must, and will, continue. We saw today that the Arctic sea ice reteated further than ever before recorded - evidence that our planet is warming up at a rate that puts billions of people’s future in jeopardy. If we're going to stop the oil companies that see this retreat as a business opportunity rather than the dire warning that it is, it's going to take more than a few brave souls in inflatable boats - it's gong to take a movement. It's gong to take you.

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The struggle to save the Arctic is getting more urgent!  As we take action against Gazprom’s drilling in the Russian Arctic today, scientists have just announced that Arctic summer sea ice has just reached a record low.  Help us to send a message to companies like Gazprom that the melting ice is not a business opportunity ! Read more : Arctic Sea Ice minimum - new record is set in 2012

Read the message sent by our campaigner Dima Litvinov who is on-board the Arctic Sunrise in the Pechora Sea… 

It’s been more than 11 hrs since activists took a stand to Stop Gaazprom from drilling in the Arctic! Show your support!

Our tiny boat is facing massive ship with huge water cannons. One of our RIB attached to the anchor has been flipped by hoses... Activists were in the water. They are now safe, and well, in another boat. Action is going on as another team is moving into position ... stay tuned !

Kumi's boat is now attached to anchor chain of this vessel - it's not moving anywhere and so the platform workers can’t get on-board, effectively stopping its preparations to drill for oil in the Arctic.

A Russian Coast Guard vessel is nearby, and presumably assessing the situation.

A second load of activists have been brought to the scene - now 14 in total.

Why we are doing this

Prirazlomnaya. It’s certainly a mouthful, but it’s also the new name – and face – of Arctic destruction today. It's a giant Russian platform, set to be the first to try and commercially produce offshore Arctic oil anywhere on the planet.

Make no mistake: the Russian oil industry is not one to be trusted. Currently, on land in the Komi Republic, 30 million barrels of oil are spilt every year.

This is why, at 70 degrees North in the Pechora Sea, activists are protesting this monster platform and preventing it from drilling.

- Kumi's open letter to the people of Russia
- Kumi's personal motivation.