There’s no such thing as a free lunch so how about a blimmin cheap one? Award-winning Wellington restaurant Logan Brown is offering three-course lunches for less than the price of a coffee in support of climate action.

Eighty people will win the chance to dine at Cuisine NZ Restaurant of the Year, for just $3.50, on 21 October, in a lead up to the International Day of Climate Action on 24 October.

The price tag is a reference to climate change action group 350 Aotearoa, which aims to see global leaders take action on climate change at this December’s UN climatetalks in Copenhagen (350 parts per million is the maximum amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere that scientists say is safe) and you can enter via the 350 website or at

Logan Brown owner Steve Logan became involved in the 350 movement when some friends invited him to go see The Age of Stupid, a film produced by New Zealand documentary maker Lizzie Gillett that talks about climate change from the perspective of future generations looking back at 2008 and asking: “Why didn’t we stop climate change while we had the chance?”

Steve said: “I found it really powerful and decided that we needed to do something to help, and the other directors at Logan Brown were right behind me. Along with some really passionate people from 350 we came up with the idea of the $3.50 lunch to raise awareness around the issue of climate change.”

The lunch is also in support of Greenpeace’s Sign On campaign, which is calling on the New Zealand government to commit to a 40% by 2020 emissions reduction target. “I understand how difficult it is for businesses to address their effect on the environment when so many are just surviving week to week. And 40% can look daunting, but if we want future generations to have a planet to live on we have to aim for it. If we aim for 20% then we will be contributing to a situation in which the planet as we love it is a goner. So we don’t have any option, and I am sure once the target is set, New Zealand will find a way to reach it.”

“Our aim in supporting these campaigns is twofold,” says Steve. “First, to encourage Mr Key to go for 40% emissions reduction at Copenhagen and, secondly, to get everyone thinking about their carbon footprint and to take some steps to reduce it. We are just starting to take steps ourselves to reduce our own footprint both professionally and personally.

“The Wellington City Council is helping us become more sustainable with the initiative that they are running called eMIssion. We’ve still far from perfect but at least it’s a start!”

Good on them we say!

The competition is only open from 24 September to 13 October so don’t delay!