Our fearless ambassadors travelled the Capital today, to gift the Prime Minister nearly $5,000 fundraised through the Key to Copenhagen project. Lucy Lawless and Jim Salinger rocked up to Parliament, with a giant Copenhagen boarding pass and a fat cheque in hand.

Thanks to cakestalls, sausage sizzles, the auction of a very special book and some very generous one-off donations, the $4,781 was proof Kiwis are willing to put their money where their mouths are on climate change.

The journalists were out in force, but what of the Prime Minister? Nowhere to be seen. Wouldn’t even send down a representative from his office. No mind, the journalists kept busy: “why aren’t you dressed as Zena?!” they cried. They were also concerned $5,000 wouldn’t cut it.“As long as he dosen’t take his girlfriend, it'll be fine," said Lucy.

National might have been a no show, but Labour MP Charles Chauvel and Green Party Co-Leader Russel Norman were kind enough to come down to meet the Sign On team and took away the cheque and boarding pass to try and table them in Parliament.

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