“Boys, may I introduce to you….Miss Lucy Lawless!”

It’s possible that the assembly hall of nearly 1,000 young males had never had such an exciting visitor. The Warrior Princess herself had taken the stage at Wellington College. She had the youth of today; the leaders of tomorrow, in the palm of her hand.

She told them the native trees she’s planted in her garden. She told them to catch the bus. She told them to think about how much they REALLY needed a new pair of sunglasses or those imported grapes from Chile.

She lectured them about shower length. “I mean, come on, you’re clean after five minutes. Showers aren’t for entertainment boys!” Silence, then giggles. Then it was difficult to get them all to focus again.

Earlier, Lucy had been welcomed by a powhiri. She reckoned she’d never been welcomed like that anywhere before.  A tour of the school was followed by scones and sausage rolls, and meetings with the Principal and Deputy Principal and head of the school’s enviro-group.  Mr Moses the Principal wore a blue cast for the occasion, as did the prefects and a handful of other students.

“Today was awesome, said Thomas Mitchell, who’d helped organize the visit.  “Just logging onto Facebook after school I've seen literally hundreds of comments on the photos from today, and people settings their status as Sign-On related things!”

Every student took a Sign On form and pledged to get family and friends to join the call for climate action.

"What an amazing visit," said Lucy.


Photo captions: Lucy is welcomed at the school by a powhiri; Lucy with Wellington College Principal Roger Moses.