Maui's dolphin is found only in new Zealand and it's the smallest and most endangered (and in my opinion, the cutest) dolphin in the world. But they're in dire straits and need your help to survive! The New Zealand Government is currently asking for public feedback on a range of options to protect these dolphins, and there are only four days left to have your say -submissions close 5pm Monday 12 November 2012.


Unfortunately, the Government's proposal to limit gillnet, set net and trawl fishing (the greatest threat to the survival of Maui's dolphins) is much weaker than experts have recommended. Who would have thought that 100% Pure New Zealand would be defying the International Whaling Commission's advice, casting the only two votes against protection of Maui's (against 576 votes in support) at the World Conservation Congress, and ultimately placing a dolphin species in danger of extinction. The whole shameful fiasco is outlined in a blog I wrote a few weeks ago, Maui's dolphin shame.

The good news is that the Government is coming under considerable pressure to do the right thing by these dolphins, and you can quickly and easily make a submission and tell Prime Minister John Key that you want expert advice followed, meaning a ban on fishing nets throughout Maui's dolphin habitat.

If you have a bit more time to spare before Monday, it is even better to make a personal submission on the consultation, and this great video Maui's Last Stand has sumed up the issue really clearly.

The sad fact is New Zealand now has more Members of Parliament than Maui's dolphins. Please help by urging those politicians to use their power and protect Maui's, not condemn them to the history books of extinction.