Battening done, floor grinded and sealed...

Acceleration in the works programme over the last couple of weeks has been spectacular. All the groundwork laid in the preparation of the re-fit while we were waiting for building consent to come through has now started to see things really change on site at Akiraho St.

Chris and his team of builders have now completed almost all the framing and battening of the first floor, mezzanine floor and basement meaning now that the building focus switches to the ground floor area offices and reception. As this has been completed several other teams have been moving behind them completing the large pre-wiring job that needs to be. This involves a substantial electrical rewiring of the whole building with new distribution boards, power into all the office areas and the lights and all associated switches. Nicholas from Anything Electrical and his partner Jim have now completed all pre-wiring elements of these areas.


Insulation ready to go in...

The guys from Datacable as well have completed the IT pre wiring of these areas too as have Greene Security who we’ve bought in to rewire the fire and burglar alarm systems. Hathaway technical services have pre-wired the building for high definition TV, satellite and a server integrated system that links the AV room, the board room and the function/lunch room. Special thanks to all of these contractors as they’ve all substantially reduced margins, donated equipment and time to help Greenpeace keep costs down. With insulation work starting on Monday and projected to be complete by Friday we’ll be going for the first pre-lining inspection from Auckland City council. It should be a case that we also start to see how warm and quiet the insulation will keep the new office spaces will be especially considering the latest weather we’ve been having.


Assuming we do OK with the inspection it is a case that plaster board can start to get fixed off in these areas and on Tuesday we’ll see 1000 m2 of board arriving on site from Elephant plasterboard at a huge discount.


Lift cutting underway...

The last couple of weeks have also seen us complete the ground preparations for the disability lift in the reception area and in a major milestone at the beginning of last week the first floor concrete slab has been cut to accommodate the lift shaft as well as the new staircase into the first floor from reception. We took the opportunity with these holes to move concrete grinders into the first floor by scissor lift, it was the only way we could figure out how to get these half ton machines up there, so the floor has now been ground and sealed with one coat of water based sealing product from Peter Fell industries, it’s all starting to take shape.


A couple of other solutions based features we’ve also started work on as well such as the staircase which we will construct of New Guinea Rosewood and Tasmanian oak both eco timber sources, and the rear deck rebuild which we’ll use Vitex another eco timber sourced timber from PNG. The reception desk material will also come from sustainable sources and I need to start work on this next week as well.

Weather permitting we’ll also see Metro Glasstech moving in to begin the double glazing retro-fit this week too.

Planning is underway with the plumbing re-fit as well and we’ll see plumbers in the building commencing this work on Monday as well. This will see us plumbing the amenities in the building like toilets and hand basins running off rainwater tanks as well as plumbing for the provision of solar hot water in the building. New dual flush cisterns will be a water conservation feature throughout and a marked improvement on the old system.

In other news we took a team of Greenpeace staff over to the old BNZ building in Vincent street about a week ago and relieved them of 18 work stations that they kindly donated as part of their own office move and that they were getting rid of. Fairly new and with full ergonomic hydraulic systems in each this is a substantial donation and will certainly bring up employee comfort sitting in front of computers.

As has been the case all through the project the budget remains tight and we’re trying to do everything possible to keep the costs reasonable while still being able to continue our campaigns. I’ve just spent the weekend re-crunching the numbers and currently we’re doing OK. The latest estimate has us saving more than 200 thousand dollars of supporters money so far and so thanks needs to go to all of the volunteers who have helped, all trades people and suppliers who have donated, we couldn’t do it without you.