New Zealand is being left behind as countries around the world move to ban shark finning.

This week India joined that movement. Responding to falling shark numbers due, in part, to shark finning the Indian government has announced a ban on shark finning in Indian waters. Fishermen will face up to seven years in jail if they break the ban in its waters. Meanwhile, in 100% pure NZ, the practice of killing a shark, just for its fins, and dumping its body back in the ocean is still perfectly legal.

According to a recent report India is the world's second-largest shark-catching country with New Zealand ranked at 13th. However, India has now joined almost 100 other countries and states to ban shark finning while New Zealand isn’t even on the list.

Every year around 100 million sharks are killed and shark finning is driving much of that slaughter. This is causing a serious decline in the world's shark populations, and many species are under threat. In New Zealand the three main species killed for their fins - blue, porbeagle and shortfin mako - all make the international red list of threatened species.

But there is some good news as the New Zealand Government is about to review our laws around shark fishing and conservation. So, with a firm push in the right direction, we could soon join India as well as Australia, the US, all the EU countries and many, many others in banning this senseless and wasteful practice.

 You can help make that happen by pledging your support for a ban on shark finning in New Zealand waters here.

Photo: Shark finning in NZ waters. Copyright. David Vogt.