While 16 of our colleagues and friends gear up for an epic journey to the North Pole next month, volunteers and activists around the world are preparing to take the Arctic to their communities and politicians.

Thousands of people are expected to come together on April 20 to form human banners spelling out I ♥ Arctic. Volunteers in hundreds of cities in more than 30 countries are signed up and spreading the word, from Buenos Aires to Bangkok.

Get involved

Together we will call on political leaders to protect the Arctic from activities that put this fragile environment at risk, such as oil drilling and industrial fishing.

No Arctic oil drilling

US President Obama’s government review this month found that Shell, a massive company with profits in excess of $26 billion last year, was not prepared for the extreme conditions in the Arctic. Shell's ill-preparedness resulted in a series of accidents and the New Year's Eve grounding of its drill rig the Kulluk.

Shell was forced to press "Pause" on Arctic drilling for 2013. Now we need to call on governments to press "Stop."