"If you will it, it is no dream" So said climate scientist and Jim Salinger to the 2,000 people gathered in Wellington's Civic Square, ready to march to Parliament in support of climate action. Meanwhile a crowd nearly twice that size had assembled in Auckland's Albert Park for a march up Queen Street.

It was the weekend when global citizens said “we won’t stay silent on this, and we won’t stand still.”

Jim's statement summed up activites right around the world. It wasn’t just Rhys Darby, Midnight Youth, Opshop and Lucy Lawless who took centre stage over the last two days. The whole issue of climate change barged into the public’s consciousness across the globe.[Watch the videos here]

In London, over 20,000 people took to the streets to call for a good outcome from Copenhagen. In Glasgow thousands marched in what’s believed to be Scotland’s largest call for climate action.

The 2,000 who marched to Parliament in Wellington could be heard for miles: "C’Mon John, can’t you see, we don’t have no Planet B! Jim Salinger again: "As citizens of our planet and Aotearoa it is up to us to change the course for humanity and nature".

 In Christchurch, a kids’ day was held at Hagley College, complete with a special cameo from the Climate Clown (contrary to rumour, this was not Gerry Brownlee in disguise).

What better time for Obama to announce he’s changed his travel plans to be in Copenhagen for the crucial leaders meeting?

But back to Planet A – for those who missed it, it was wicked. Thousands marched up Queen Street, calling for 40% by 2020  . Even more packed into Myers Park to watch Rhys Darby impersonate a philandering polar bear who’s trying to make it in the big city.

See here for TV 3 coverage of the day, here for images. And here for more images.

And for anyone that’s forgotten the Sign On year that was, check out some highlights from the campaign.

 Thanks to everyone who came, saw, sang, chanted, marched, danced and signed on. Thanks to our amazing performers and ambassadors, who all give their time and passion for free.

 Finally, and lest we forget, it's D-Day. Or should i say, C-Day. We are finally here. It's the moment we've been waiting for. As the sun sets on Copenhagen this evening, and climate delegates do last-minute reading before switching off their bedside lamps, they should be in no doubt that the world is counting on them to do the right thing and save our arses.

 Stay tuned to this blog. We'll have regular updates from our man in Denmark, Geoff Keey.

The full concert can be viewed at www.ziln.co.nz and highlights can be seen here.