It was a sunny afternoon, when New Zealand received three new refugees. They were not refugees of war or famine; rather they had been displaced by the relentless advancing march of the oil industry into the pristine Arctic environment they once had the joy of calling home. They were a family of polar bears.

The family searched for days to find suitable shelter, rummaging through the scraps their new human neighbours had abundantly discarded. The children shuddered as trains and cars flew past them, running on the same resources that had caused them to abandon their home in which they had grown up.

Growing desperate, the family decided to search one final location: Aotea Square, in Auckland. With a deep breath and wondering how they would be accepted, they took their first tentative steps into the unknown.

A few people looked, a few people stared, but everyone was welcoming. The young children flocked to the family of bears; offering hugs, kisses and making them feel right at home after their traumatic adventure. Feeling much more relaxed, the kind Kiwis then showed this family exactly what they had been looking for.

Across the far side of the square stood the only frozen block of solid ice the bears had seen since crossing the equator. With a sense of joy running through their hearts, the children grabbed the hands of the father bear and raced towards what would be their new home. The family were so pleased to be welcomed so heartily by the community on the ice that they started to dance with some of them, round and round the ice. When the sun was setting, the family looked at each other and smiled at the discovery they had made today, relaxing together for the night and content that they had found their new home.

This story has a happy ending, but what will happen to the real polar bears when their home melts away? Act now, sign the petition and Save the Arctic.