Happy Valley

The Save Happy Valley group are celebrating the third anniversary of their occupation of the site threatened by Solid Energy's plans to strip mine the area.

Supporters of the environmental group will tramp into the valley, north of Westport, on the weekend of the 24th and 25th of this month, to celebrate three years of keeping the fragile biodiversity of this wetland safe from Solid Energy's bulldozers.

They have issued an invitation to Solid Enrgy CEO Don Elder to attend the weekend's anniversary.


Save Happy Valley Coalition spokesperson Graham Jury states, "Despite years of illegal surveillance, unlicensed spies and secretly funded "research" we wish to extend a warm welcome to Dr Elder to come and enjoy a scenic tramp in an area he has dismissed as being simply overburden to be strip-mined. Anybody can see that mining for coal in kiwi habitat is an exceptionally bad idea. We offer Elder a unique opportunity to see why."


Read more at savehappyvalley.org.nz