Over the weekend, Sign On community organisers from across the country gathered in Auckland to plan the next 70 days - or should we say, the last 70 days in the countdown to Copenhagen.

We have Sign On teams right around the country and they're headed by some very passionate and committed volunteers, who have been coordinating Sign On activities in their local cities and towns.

 There is a huge diversity of people involved, from varied and diverse backgrounds. There’s Leanne from Ashburton who runs a dairy farm and has been trained up to present Al Gore's presentation slideshow. The youngest of the crew - Johnnie and Ashton from Rotorua - are two high school students keen to mobilise their teachers and friends. Trevor from Nelson is involved with the local environment centre and planting fruit trees on public land. Politically savvy Simon and Jessie are the organisers in Wellington. Hannah from Dunedin has already starred on her local TV station - Channel 9 and is tirelessly motivating groups of signature gatherers to go out every weekend to the Dunedin markets. Auckland coordinators Kirsten and Elle are helping us keep the whole thing running in our biggest city and two of our Greenpeace fundraising stars Jay (a surfing-fanatic from Raglan) and Dan from Christchurch (you may have seen him on Maori TVs Waka Reo show) are working hard organising local events and with local environmental and community groups.

From Waihi to Wellington and Ashburton to Auckland, these people put their spare time into signature gathering and organizing events, like putting casts on statues, organising an  “save the humans” events in Christchurch, and spearheading Sign On pub crawls.

The team has got some great ideas planned for the rest of the year, including a few simultaneous Sign On days of action (not, to be confused with 350's massive day of action on October 24). Everyone is suitably excited about the rest of the year and the momentum we’re building.

 If you want to get active with your local team, just email or call your local Sign On Community Organiser or contact them via the local Facebook pages.