The world is on the brink of runaway climate change and it's time to get serious.

That's why this year, Greenpeace has launched the most urgent, ambitious and important campaign we've ever run.  It's called Sign On and you're looking at it.

We're asking John Key to Sign On for urgent action on climate change when he meets with other world leaders in Copenhagen this December, for what could be the most important meeting in history.

As a leader of a developed country, John Key needs to Sign On to a 40 percent by 2020 emissions reduction target.  This is what must happen if we are to save the climate.

From Lucy Lawless, Cliff Curtis and Keisha Castle-Hughes through to Geoff Ross and Jim Salinger, Kiwis are uniting in this call to action.

By December, we need hundreds of thousands of other New Zealanders to have joined them, which is where you come in. 

We need you to Sign On and then invite as many of your family, friends and colleagues as you can to Sign On and get behind this campaign.  It's only by building a huge groundswell of support that we can win. 

Over the coming weeks and months, we'll be keeping you updated, and providing you with more opportunities to make a difference to this campaign.

Together we can provide John Key with a strong mandate to do the right thing in Copenhagen.  It's now or never!