To the quarter of a million people who sent messages asking for the release of Junichi and Toru the Greenpeace japan office says thank you!

But now we need your help again! When appealing against the release of our scandal-busting activists, Junichi and Toru, the public prosecutor argued that the more than 250,000 people who sent emails to the Japanese government was "questionable" - this despite the fact that every single email was double-checked by you. In other words, the Japanese Government doesn't believe all of you exist! We need you to give them unquestionable proof of support for Junichi and Toru. The quarter of million emails you sent to get them released worked like a dream - after 26 days in custody, they were released - Junichi and Toru have now been reunited with their families and are now awaiting trial.

So, what would happen now if Japan's Supreme Public Prosecutor's office was inundated by actual, physical letters calling for the whale meat investigation to be re-opened? On this page we've prepared a card you can print, stick and post yourself, and a list of talking points you could use if you prefer to write a personal letter instead. Be creative!

Download the letter here (PDF) »

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