To all the amazing supporters from all over the globe who took the time to show your love and commitment to this cause.

First and foremost, thank you so so much from all seven of us who were up on the top of the drill ship, but also from all the people behind the scenes who made this happen.

Now that our occupation has ended, we have had a chance to read the huge number of supportive messages that have flooded in from every corner of the world.

We are deeply humbled by the overwhelming response from all of you. We believe in taking direct action to protect this beautiful Earth for generations to come and we now know that though it was lonely at times we were never alone. With all of yourmessages and emails to Shell  this campaign is greatly strengthened, but this is also just the tip of the iceberg.

We now need to take advantage of this snow-balling momentum to put a stop to Arctic oil drilling and make some real changes to the way we our dealing with our earth's resources.

We took this action to stop the Noble Discoverer from setting off on it's mission to exploit one of the last remaining pristine environments in the world, the Arctic.

We managed to delay it's departure, but as you know, it has now set off and is Shell-bent on doing the job. So keep the pressure on Shell and spread the word!