In the opening plenary of the Kyoto Protocol negotiations this morning (the big meeting at the start where countries agree to the agenda for the negotiations and make their opening statements), the current chair Ambassador John Ashe announced that there was no agreement on who will be the next chair of the negotiations. The decision had been deferred for now.

Word around the corridors is that a compromise has been proposed so that the current chair would stay in the role until December with New Zealand’s Ambassador Adrian Macey as vice-chair.  Then Adrian Macey would step up into the role of chair.

Some countries are still not accepting this because they do not trust the New Zealand Government.  They don’t want a New Zealand diplomat in the chair of the Kyoto Protocol negotiations because they don’t believe New Zealand is committed to the future of the Kyoto Protocol.

At this stage no-one knows what day the new chair will be announced. We’ll keep you posted as news comes to hand.

Geoff Keey, currently in Bonn