Well, great work everyone! You've taken our Kit Kat campaign and made it your own and we have stood back in awe of it all.

In only 20 hours 13 or more versions of the video uploaded by you have had 40,000 views on Youtube.com and another 104.000 on Vimeo!

On Nestle's facebook page: "I'm not a fan by the way, I just want to say..."

nestle_facebook.jpg Nestle has been taking some flack on its facebook group - become a "fan" there and you can add your comments to the debate. Like Rosanna Pimm: "not a fan, just want you to STOP your contribution to forest destruction and cut the Sinar Mas group from its palm oil supply chain completely"; and Gerri Mills: "I am not a fan! stop using palm oil, start caring for people, animals and the environment"; or Katherine Russell: "I too WAS a fan, now I wouldn't touch a nestle product if there was nothing else to eat" and David Inns "No more milo for me." Well said everybody!

Nestle has responded to the complaints saying "we're concerned too. We care about the serious environmental threat to rainforests in South East Asia and as we said yesterday, we have replaced the Indonesian company Sinar Mas as a supplier of palm oil for further shipments." But so far this is nothing new. Actually, Nestle still sources palm oil from other companies - which buy from Sinar Mas. There's no quick-PR-fix to get out of this one; Nestle is going to have to really clean up its supply chain.

Ernest Simons photographers document the action

In the UK a photographer popped down to the Croydon, UK office of Nestle to document the Greenpeace action there, taking photos and interviewing the activists. Nice work guys!


Nestle staff chat about the Greenpeace Kit Kat video This one is hilarious - uploaded yesterday by the onlinejournalist YouTube account:

Staff at Nestle discuss how they will react to the viral video produced by Greenpeace criticising their palm oil sourcing strategy...

Supporters play on Nestle's attempt to censor Yes, these days with social media working like it does, attempts like this at censorship don't work very well. Nice addition to the Youtube collection here:

Want to take our video - and put it somewhere where lots and lots of people will see it? Or make your own mashup? Download your very own copy today - then when you've turned it into your own Kit Kat campaign tool - leave a comment here and let us know!