Did you hear about the time the Rainbow Warrior sailed herself through a French military blockade, with no captain in sight? Watch the video below.

Manuel Pinto from our ship's department was there. Listening to him tell the story in this video, I'm reminded of how incredibly lucky I am to work with so many brave people at Greenpeace.

It was 1995, just ten years after French secret agents sunk Greenpeace's first Rainbow Warrior ship. Greenpeace activists set off on the Rainbow Warrior to disrupt the French nuclear tests, this time under Jacques Chirac.

Putting your body in the way of injustice on the high seas requires not only guts of course, but also expert and committed sailors, and a ship that's up to the task. Again, I'm reminded how very lucky I am to work here.

Our new Rainbow Warrior -- a purpose-built campaigning ship -- is due to be completed in October 2011, when she can take over for the current Rainbow Warrior. After 52 years at sea (21 of those as a Greenpeace ship), the current Rainbow Warrior owes us nothing.

You can donate online to help us cover the cost of the new ship and our campaigns. Greenpeace doesn't accept funding from governments and corporations. We need you.