The veil of secrecy behind the controversial TPPA has just been lifted, and it spells bad news for New Zealanders, the seas we swim and fish in, and for the air we breath.

Greenpeace NZ policy advisor, Nathan Argent, says the deal, cooked up between New Zealand, the USA and 10 other nations, will stifle efforts to combat climate change and instead strengthen the arm of the most powerful polluters on the planet at a time we should be consigning them to history.

“The ugly truth behind this deal it that it’s clearly been concocted for the sole benefit of foreign companies and their sharp-suited billionaires, not for the people of New Zealand,” he says.

“The inclusion of so-called investor state dispute settlement clauses gives special legal rights to foreign investors, which could see our Government being sued for, say, stopping the pollution of our rivers if these companies think it would harm their profits.”

The agreement shows a complete lack of leadership and vision when it comes to environmental safeguards, Argent says, and doesn’t include any new enforcement mechanisms to ensure that countries uphold environmental standards.

“We’re only weeks away from the world gathering in Paris to thrash out a deal to tackle climate pollution, yet our government has handcuffed our ability to build a cleaner, smarter and safer future for our families.”