Kyoto Protocol negotiations will resume tomorrow after intense negotiations behind closed doors following yesterday's crisis.  The African group has been meeting with developed countries late into the night, also going public stating that the numbers were a matter of survival for vulnerable countries where both people and whole nation states would die as a result of unchecked climate change.
The boycott became block wide as the G77 group and China chose to support the African call publicly and in emergency meetings.
A compromise way forward was finally found with Africa agreeing to go back into the talks on the condition that 6 of the 10 remaining discussion sessions on the Kyoto Protocol between Wednesday and Friday focus on developed country emissions reduction numbers.

This must be worrying our negotiators.

It's after one o'clock in the morning here, and i'm about as stuffed as New Zealand's negotiating prospects, so I'll explain more when I'm less tired. Over and out from Barcelona.