Since the six of us climbed the Shard, many people have asked: how did we do it? How much training did it take? How did we go to the toilet?

Now I can show you. The behind-the-scenes film of our climb captures the planning, training and (I’m not afraid to admit it) nerves, but also the determination all of us felt. There’s nothing about going to the toilet though. We kept that out for modesty’s sake!

Sign now and demand world leaders declare a sancturay around the North Pole


I was overwhelmed by the support we got during the climb, but it’s going to take much more than six women climbing a skyscraper to stop Shell. Please join the movement to save the Arctic.

We don’t have the slick, multi-million dollar PR machine that Shell has. But we have something I think is far more powerful: you and more than 3 million of the most dedicated activists on the planet. It’s time to show Shell that people mean more than money. Please watch and share the video, and help build the movement.

We know that in order to keep the Arctic out of the hands of Shell, we need to build the biggest movement of people the world has ever seen - and you are part of that.

Like climbing the Shard, saving the Arctic is going to be an immense struggle. It will take every bit of strength and dedication we have, and we will be exhausted by the end.

But when we win - and we will win - we will have achieved something incredible.