Kids at the open day on Sunday

Quick question for you: Is there anyone left in Auckland that didn’t come to see the new Rainbow Warrior this weekend?  You turned out in your thousands Auckland and what a great looking crowd you are! 

By nine am the sun was beating down on the smiling faces of the old and the young, and the queue stretched all the way up the Princes wharf, taking in the nicest days of summer so far, and we were quite frankly overwhelmed with the turnout. Seven litres of sun screen later I finally found some time to sit down and write this blog.

Aucklanders have a special relationship with the Rainbow Warrior; she plays no small part in the story of Auckland, just as Auckland is a big part of the Warrior’s story. That's what makes this visit so special, for Greenpeace, for the ship, for her crew and, hopefully, for everyone in New Zealand too.

I was amazed at the sheer number of people that wanted to come and get a glimpse of this new, purpose built ship, but when talking to people as they came on board it became very clear to me that the Rainbow Warrior means much more to you than the mere nuts and bolts of her.  The Rainbow Warrior is a symbol of what it means to be a New Zealander.  She resonates with a sense of fair play, a desire for clean green energy, welcoming a diversity of people and all held together with a shared vision for a better future.  She encapsulates the fiercely independent spirit of New Zealand and I can understand why you all hold her so close to your hearts.

We are so happy that we were able to show you what we do and why your support is so very vital to the work we do.  Thank you to everyone that came out to see us and thank you for your patience, we really hadn’t expected quite so many of you to come and visit, so the waiting time was more than we had anticipated.  I hope you found it worth the wait and that you all had as much today fun as we did.  By the looks on your faces you seemed to be having a BLAST!

Finally a huge “thanks a million” to all the volunteers who came out to run the open boats.

There are some albums of shots from the day over on our facebook page here here and here, so jump over there, tag yourself and feel free to share.

If you couldn’t make it along to the open boats in Auckland there are some more Open boat days coming up round the country so watch this space.

I had a whale of a time