It's Keith here again - I am the Auckland signature gathering coordinator for the Greenpeace Sign On campaign. I would like to invite all volunteers and supporters who have an interest in helping out with gathering signatures to a Sign On campaign training session at the Greenpeace office.

Venue: Greenpeace 11 Akiraho St, Mt Albert, Auckland
Date: Saturday, 27 June
Time: 10-3 (2 hours for training, lunch, then putting into practice the skills for 2 hours)

The training session will be short and fun for those who like to get active with the most important way they can help the campaign – gathering more signatures. It’s designed to be useful and informative for those who’ve gathered signatures for years or have never done it and are a little nervous about approaching people. The goal of the training session is to help us to be more successful in our approach towards people on the streets and also to learn how to deal with various ‘rejections’ from people in a positive way.

The training will cover:

10:00 Introductions
10:15 Training
10.45 Sign On presentation
11.15 Training spiel
11.45 Role plays
12-12:30 Free lunch!
12:30-3 catch the bus and on the street for 2 hours

We need hundreds of people gathering signatures – either individually or regularly in groups in the next few months in Auckland. This session has all the info you need to help the campaign, materials to take home, and a chance to meet other people committed to saving the climate this year.  We'll be giving out a hand out on 'how to get signatures' and we will also talk about our calender of external events where we can get signatures.
If you would like to attend the training then please RSVP to my email address

Hope to hear from you.

Kind regards,