Page - February 28, 2006
Eco-forestry is an alternative to industrial logging. Using minimal impact harvesting methods, landowners fell small number of carefully selected trees, process and transport the timber without damaging the surrounding forest.

Forestry workers of the Lobi Community foll away part of felled tree, Marovo Lagoon, Solomon Islands. Lobi Community supports itself by a Greenpeace supported Ecotimber project.

This beautiful eco-timber is sold to overseas markets, providing local people with independence, an income and employment while protecting their forest resources for the future. Greenpeace estimates that 'eco' timber provides up to ten times more profit to local communities than large scale logging operations.

Ecoforestry is much better than logging. I prefer ecoforestry because we keep control of our forests and it does not spoil our sea, land, rivers and watercatchment.

Redol Gebe, project manager of the Lobi Ecoforestry project in the Solomon Islands.

Other options for income generating activities include ecotourism and the manufacture of non-timber forest products such as tapa cloths, bilum bags and nuts.

These sustainable alternatives can only exist if the forest is preserved.