Oil spill volumes infographic

Page - October 12, 2011
The Rena oil spill is an environmental catastrophe. The effects on the local environment, community and economy will be felt for a long time.

It should serve as a clear warning because, as bad as it is, things could be a lot worse… The infographic below illustrates what could happen if we allow deep sea oil drilling in NZ waters.

When it hit the reef near Tauranga the Rena was carrying two million litres of heavy fuel oil. Let’s look at just how much that is.

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Four drums = 800 litres of oil


Total oil on Rena

2 million litres

When the Rena first hit the Astrolabe reef near Tauranga it was carrying two million litres of heavy fuel oil.


Oil tanker

Total capacity 126,823,466 litres

- is what a typical oil tanker sailing in New Zealand waters carries.

In 2003 the Capella Voyager carrying 126,823,466 litres of oil ran aground near Whangarei. Thankfully it did not spill its load. If the government’s plans for deep sea oil drilling go ahead, we will see many more large oil tankers operating in NZ waters increasing the risk of another accident. In 1989 the Exxon Valdez oil taner also hit a reef. It was carrying 208 million litres and spilled as much as 100 million litres. The effects are still being felt.

Gulf of Mexico disaster

Total spill 36 Sky towers size = 780,000,000 litres

- is what BP’s Deepwater Horizon oil well spewed into the Gulf of Mexico.

The spill ran unchecked for 3 months and devastated both wildlife, local fishing and tourism. A major reason it took so long to stop the leak was the extreme depths the oil companies were drilling in. Yet if John key’s Government gets its way we will see deep sea oil drilling in NZ waters – at depths even greater than those of the Deepwater Horizon.

New Zealand cannot hope to cope with an oil spill from a deep sea oil drilling blowout.

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