Rena: What you can do

Page - October 17, 2011
The public response to the Rena crisis has been amazing. Thousands of people have dropped everything to pitch in and help clean up the spill. Below is some information about what you can do to help and what Greenpeace is doing.

While our immediate focus is the clean-up work in the Bay of Plenty, we must also ensure the Government learns the lessons from this disaster.

This summer, multinational oil companies will come into New Zealand waters to perform deep sea oil exploration.  The Rena spill, as horrendous as it is, has spilled only a fraction of the amount of oil that a deep sea oil drilling accident could.  Over the next few weeks Greenpeace will be working to ensure the Government hears this message loud and clear.

Greenpeace is taking action to:

  • Organise an independent clean-up team to complement and work with existing efforts – in line with international best practice on the handling and disposal of oil.
  • Work with expert local and international scientists to document, gather and disseminate information on the toxic effects of oil, and the dispersant “Corexit 9500” on the marine ecosystem.
  • Bring in a specialist researcher, who was aboard Greenpeace’s Arctic Sunrise in the Gulf of Mexico last year, to spend time in the Bay of plenty providing expert advice.

How can I help?

Assisting the clean up

Maritime New Zealand are still asking for volunteers to come forward to help with the clean up – contact them and register to be a volunteer online at If you don’t have internet access then you can call the hotline on 0800 645 774, but MNZ have requested that if possible people use the online form.

Spaces in the independent Greenpeace clean up team are very limited and will be largely taken up by locally based (in the Bay of Plenty) Greenpeace volunteers and supporters. Unfortunately we simply don’t have the accommodation, specialist equipment and budget to deal with the hundreds of people who want to help out.  We will be liaising with other volunteer efforts  from other NGO and local groups and will let you know if this situation changes.

However if you live in Taruanga and don’t require accommodation please register your interest here.

Opposing new oil drilling

Sign our No Deep Sea Oil petition.

Download the petition and get all your friends signed up.

Help us reach our target of 150,000 signatories – it’s a number the government won’t be able to ignore.

Get active – join your local Greenpeace network – register online.

Write to your MP, whatever party and let them know that you don’t want to see another Rena disaster – that you want any deep sea oil exploration or drilling to take place in New Zealand’s waters.

Write to your local newspaper and let them know your views.