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GE Free NZ

Page - December 13, 2006
Releasing genetically engineered (GE) organisms into our food, fields and environment poses risks to future generations and ours that are unnecessary, unwanted and irreversible.

Pro GE Free New Zealand march up Queen Street, Auckland.

Greenpeace New Zealand has been at the forefront of opposing the release of GE organisms since the beginning of the local GE free movement in the late 1990s.

Greenpeace made extensive submissions to the Royal Commission on GE in 2000 and actively opposed field trials of GE onions in 2003 and GE Brassicas in 2006. 

Greenpeace also helped organise the big GE Free NZ marches up Queen Street in 2001, 2002 and 2003.

The Greenpeace GE Free Food Guide has offered crucial information since 2000 for consumers wishing to avoid GE foods.

Currently in New Zealand (December 2006):

  • No GE crops are grown commercially,
  • No GE fruit, vegetables or meat are sold,
  • Processed foods can legally contain GE ingredients and are inadequately labelled in Greenpeace's view ( Food labelling in NZ - the right to know).

Greenpeace does not oppose the ethical use of GE in contained laboratories such as for the production of medicines like insulin.

Keeping New Zealand GE free is good for our environment, health and our global reputation as a clean green producer.