Sony Ericsson

Page - April 21, 2010
Sony Ericsson has also been leading on eliminating toxic chemicals and was the first company to clean up their entire product range.

It is less complex to do when your hardware product range is smaller. And since the company has been through a rough couple of years making overall losses, the company plans to move away from hardware into software development and design.

A major mobile phone maker (fourth in the world but only one fifth the size of Nokia in terms of revenue) Sony Ericsson, like Nokia, certainly demonstrates that there is no excuse for phone makers like Motorola and Samsung whose phones still carry these toxic substances with them to the scrap yards of India and China.

Although the company has quite progressive energy policies (using 40 percent renewable), its own emissions are not independently verified. The company falls down on recycling and e-waste policy: Sony Ericsson should be support the Individual Producer Responsibility principle and be using more recycled plastic in its products. Like Nokia, Sony Ericsson has also not suggested much in the way of technological solutions for a low-carbon economy.



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