Biggest protest march in living memory

Feature story - May 1, 2010
We expected 20,000. We HOPED for 30,000. We got nearly double that. In the biggest protest march in living memory, 50,000 turned out on Queen Street today to march against the Government’s mining plans.

Biggest protest march in living memory - March Against Mining

The photos say it all. Greenpeace ambassador Robyn Malcolm also puts it pretty good when she says: "For nearly 50,000 Kiwis to turn out and be prepared to speak with one voice, must tell the Government something. And that something is this: we, the people of NZ get it; we get the argument, we see what you're up to and we won't have it. Our land will always be more important to our identity than some extra dollars in the pockets of mining companies."

Take heed, John Key and your Government. Had you been there today on Queen Street, you would have felt an energy untapped since the heady days of anti-nuclear marches. New Zealanders have spoken; you must listen. We will not stand by while you squander our land, reputation and climate.