The thing about being one of the 20,000 delegates at the talks in Copenhagen is that you kind of have to kiss good-bye your sanity for two weeks.

It's not just the queues to get into the various meetings and events, it's lack of sleep, the biting cold, the stodgy Danish food, the daily controversies, and the overwhelming sense that at any moment it might all turn to shit and humanity's future could dissolve before your eyes.

Our man at the talks Geoff Keey is a simple man. He wants justice, a safe future for all, and to be awestruck by New Zealand's glaciers for years to come.

So it's perfectly understanding that as tensions mount and countries like New Zealand continue to balk at doing very much of anything to tackle climate change, people are feeling the strain. Geoff is not immune.

Much love and respect to you Geoff from your team back here in the warm, sunny, well-slept New Zealand office. xx